Confidently Speak English

  • Speak comfortably at meetings, even telephone meetings.

  • Confidently give presentations at work.

  • Be heard and seen as a contributor and leader in your profession.

  • Excel at job interviews, and get your dream job.

  • Comfortably make small talk with anyone, from the president of your company to the grocery store clerk. 

I am Nicole Kaup – Also Known As “English Coach Nicole”

I help non-native English-speaking professionals speak clear, confident English.

Does speaking English leave you feeling stressed, frustrated, and embarrassed? Are you tired of people asking you to repeat yourself?  Tired of worrying more about how you sound than the actual content of your speech? Have you given up on improving your English, because you have not been able to find the kind of help that you need?  Feeling limited in your career and your life, because you lack confidence in your English speaking abilities?   

You’re not alone. These are some of the problems of the people I work with every day. 

I help engineers, business people and healthcare professionals just like you uncover the specific issues in their speech that limit communication, and then create a systematic plan to overcome those issues and speak clear, confident English.

I offer you an efficient and effective way to improve your speech.  With my help, you will see real improvement in your speech within a few months, and you will feel the confidence to speak to anyone in any situation.

Your improved English and confidence will allow you to reach your full potential at work, in your career, and in life.   If you would like to learn more about how to reduce your foreign accent and speak more confidently, schedule a free 30 minute video consultation with me to learn how.

Online Courses

Using systematic practice lessons, our online courses are designed to reduce your accent in as little as three months.

Live Courses in Seattle

In our live courses, you will learn how to speak more fluent English. You will be able to communicate more effectively with everyone around you.

One-on-One Services

Learn how to systematically reduce your accent over private instruction on Skype or Zoom with Accent Coach Nicole.

Meetup Seattle

Do you live in or around Seattle? Then join my accent reduction meetup to attend local workshops and events.

Additional Resources

We’ve got tons of free and inexpensive resources to help you learn how to reduce your accent to sound more like a native American English speaker.

Our blog has tips to reduce your accent, while our books and reference materials are designed to help you work at your own pace, improving your fluency.

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Testimonials from Happy Clients.

“Before I took my classes with Nicole, I was unable to pronounce certain words because of my accent. This affected my progress at work. After 12 classes and a lot of practice, I was much more confident with my speech and pronunciation. Nicole was very professional and knew exactly how to help me improve. She was very flexible when it came to scheduling our online classes. I would definitely recommend Nicole. She is a great person and an even better teacher.”

Vera F.
Registered Nurse from Kazakhstan

“I have lived in the USA for about 20 years and couldn’t recognize the pronunciation mistakes I made on my conversations. All I knew was that conference calls at work were moments of suffering and anxiety for me. Nicole helped me to understand and correct my mispronunciation. She is an amazing and dedicated teacher with an incredible amount of patience. After the completion of our classes, I received a promotion at work and I attribute it in part to the improvements I made on my speech. Thanks to Nicole, I’m not uneasy any more about conference calls 🙂 I highly recommend her!”

Pilar C.
Mechanical Engineer from Cuba


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