About Accent Coach Nicole

Nicole Kaup, aka Accent Coach Nicole, is an English language coach and accent reduction specialist with 19 years experience teaching adults from all over the world. She is also an author and public speaker.

She started teaching in 1995 and has been teaching English as a Second Language since 2000.  Her degrees are in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (aka TESOL), Spanish and business, and she has advanced training in American English pronunciation, accent reduction techniques and teaching methodologies.  For the last 7 years, Nicole’s professional focus has been on helping non-native English speaking professionals overcome their English language challenges and speak clear, confident English, so they can reach their full potential and achieve all their dreams.

Currently, she works with individuals, in person and online, conducts workshops and small group classes live in Seattle, WA and online, and produces a weekly video lesson for her Youtube Channel: English with Accent Coach Nicole.

One of the highlights of her career was two years spent working in China, teaching at a teachers’ college, training in-service teachers, conducting pronunciation and teaching workshops, and speaking at conferences throughout China and Mongolia, and she was a frequent speaker at the Shanghai American Center.  Her typical presentation topics are English pronunciation, accent improvement and teaching pronunciation.

In March of 2018, she was chosen to speak at the prestigious International TESOL Conference in Chicago, IL., where she presented “Stress Free Pronunciation Activities that Get Results” to a packed room of more than 200 English teachers.

In addition to teaching language, she is also a language learner. She speaks Spanish fluently, has a good knowledge of Portuguese, some Mandarin Chinese, and is currently working to improve her German.


Contact Nicole at nicole@nwsoar.com