What do you have in common with Cristiano Ronaldo & LeBron James?


Like them, you were born to be great, but you need guidance and support to reach your full potential.  None of the world’s most successful people could have achieved so much without the assistance of a great coach.  Do you have that in your life?  Coaches exist for many different things.  There are sports coaches, business coaches and life coaches.  But what about an English Language Coach?  That’s who I am.  I help people overcome English language challenges, so they can be their very best and achieve all their goals and dreams.

Are you frustrated because you’ve been trying to improve your English for a long time and don’t see results?  Maybe you’re just not focusing on the correct things.  Maybe you don’t know how or what needs to change.  Maybe it’s time to consult an English Language Coach.  With a few coaching sessions, you can make a lot more progress than trying to do it alone.  The coach can pinpoint exactly what you need to work on to make the largest gain in the shortest time.  The coach also knows which resources are best for your needs and can help you determine the most efficient and effective ways to practice to make the progress you have been seeking.

Is Coaching Expensive?


You may think coaching is expensive, but when you consider the amount of time and effort you save and the speed you progress with a coach, it really ends up saving you a lot of time and you’ll regret not hiring one sooner.  The sooner you get to where you want to be with your English, the sooner opportunities will open up for you.  And as we say, time is money.

Imagine this: you have 3 hours per week to improve your English.  If you do it yourself, you probably spend the 3 hours doing things that do not necessarily help you reach your goals.  With a coach, you know exactly what to work on to make progress fast. The coach helps you clarify that and gives you a plan to follow, and you spend those 3 hours productively, advancing toward your goals.

If you wanted to improve your tennis game or swim in a triathlon, you’d hire a coach, right?  If you wanted to learn to play the piano or guitar, you’d hire a private teacher.  The coach sees what you can’t see.  The coach is an expert in their field. He/she helps people improve and reach their goals every day. You could never become a world-class athlete without a great coach to support and guide you. The super-elites of the world have all had that kind of support – a coach, teacher or a partner that puts them on track to greatness.  If you want to achieve greatness, you need to invest in yourself.  Your career is worth it.  You are worth it.  It’s time to invest in you.  Don’t let your dreams pass you by.

Have questions? Want to find out if accent coaching is the best option for you? Email me at nicole@nwsoar.com to set up a free 30 minute video consultation.