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Increase your English Vocabulary

Cost: Free
Friday, January 29, 2021
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM PST (Seattle time)

In this quick “lunch & learn” workshop, you’ll learn how to predict the meaning of unfamiliar words by looking at their parts. We’ll look at common root words, prefixes and suffixes that will give you hints to help decipher new words. With this technique, you can quickly grow your vocabulary, since you will learn patterns that help you guess the meaning of some words.

This webinar is best for high intermediate to advanced English speakers.


English for Romance

Cost: Free
Saturday, February 13, 2021
10:00 AM- 12:00 noon PST (Seattle time)
Speaker: Dr. Larissa Chuprina

Just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Do you want to date (or marry) an English-Speaking partner, or are you dating one now? If so, it’s important to have the communication skills necessary to build a good relationship. In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics like relationship terms, names of endearment, and various ways to express romantic interest and love. And then we’ll go deeper, identifying what you want in a relationship, and knowing how to express it confidently with your romantic partner. And finally, you’ll learn how to express your feelings verbally, using an appropriate tone of voice and body language. Correctly using intonation and body language is even more important than the words

Live Group Courses

Elevate your English Vocabulary & Expression

Level: high intermediate to advanced English level
Cost:  $199 
Mondays & Thursdays 5:30-6:30 PM PST (Seattle time)
February 8- March 4, 2021

Check your local time:

It can be difficult to find the words to express everything you would like to say in English.  You may find you are not as eloquent in English as you are in your first language.  You may find you are missing the words to accurately communicate all your thoughts. If you identify with these statements, I have created this course for you.

In this course, you will become familiar with resources and methods for increasing your vocabulary and achieving a more sophisticated expression in English.  We will meet virtually twice each week to learn and practice speaking skills related to your vocabulary acquisition.  You will have assignments to prepare prior to each class. Plan on at least one hour per day of homework outside of class.  This class is only for motivated individuals, who are serious about improving their English vocabulary and expression.  You will be expected to dedicate 7-10 hours per week to this course per week.

Accent Reduction 101 – Live Online

Winter 2021 course coming soon – email Nicole to join the waiting list:

Cost: To be determined (TBD)
Days/Times: TBD
Location: Online via Zoom

This is a high-intermediate to advanced level English speaking class for those with a moderate to heavy accent in English. You will need to provide a speech sample before being admitted. If you have very little accent, please contact Nicole for other course options.

In this class, you will discover the areas of your speech you need to improve to speak clear, understandable English.  Included in your course fee is a speech assessment with a report of your personal problem areas to target for improved speech.

This course focuses on the rhythmic and melodic aspects of American English speech, such as the use of stress in words and sentences, using contractions and reductions, grouping words and pausing, connected speech, pitch and more. In addition, master your personal difficult sounds like R, L, V, Th, etc.

Class is limited to 5 participants, so you have lots of in-class practice time, error correction and feedback on your speech.  And there’s plenty of opportunity to get all your English pronunciation questions answered.

Commitment: You must be able to commit to doing the homework before coming to class. You can expect about 5 hours per week of homework outside of our class meeting to include watching video lessons, daily listen & repeat practice, and preparing speaking assignments.

Refund and absence policy: No refunds within 7 days of class start date. Please do your best to make it to every class, and to come on time. There are no make-ups.

Course includes: personal accent assessment testing and report, access to the online Accent Modification Masterclass, workbook and daily listen and repeat audio practice.