How to Improve English Speaking


A. Custom-Designed Course 

    • Comprehensive pre-testing & written report of spoken English issues
    • A planning meeting with you and employer (if applicable) to determine your needs
    • Creation of a custom-designed course that addresses your specific needs
    • 12  60 minute online sessions with English Coach Nicole (via Zoom or Skype)
    • Homework review & feedback, creation of custom audio/video recordings for practice of personal words & sentences
    • Unlimited answering of your questions via email
    • Practice materials specific to your needs (such as practice apps, web-based programs, books with CD’s, ebooks with audio files/mp3’s).  These could include accent modification, grammar, vocabulary development and more based on your needs.
    • Follow up testing to measure your progress & determine areas for continued practice with written report

In order to experience significant improvement in your spoken English, you will need to practice regularly. If you commit to practicing 30-60 minutes per day during your course, you can expect a 50% or greater improvement if you started with a moderate to heavy accent.


Price: $2,480*

*Some employers have professional development funds that pay for the cost of your training. I’d be happy to submit a proposal to your employer for you.

B. Other coaching (online via Zoom or Skype)

Service Options Include:

    • Presentation preparation
    • Interview preparation
    • TOEFL or IELTS speaking test preparation
    • A la carte sessions for very advanced speakers that only have a few issues to perfect their spoken English

Please contact Nicole for a quote for these services.

C. Accent testing

Discover your personal English pronunciation issues in this live accent assessment with Nicole.  After your testing, receive a written report of your issues, so that you can create a plan for improvement which address your personal English speech and goals.

See the materials & assessments section of the “Shop Courses” page for more information.