E bike with mittens and wind/cold shield at LYG Normal College[/caption]There are many ways to get around in China. Of course, there are cars, buses and taxis, and we’ve often seen images of Chinese people commuting by bicycle on TV and in movies. But there’s a whole other convenient way to travel. It’s by scooter or electric bicycle. They’re better than a car because they’re very inexpensive, they can go anywhere and get you places fast, even in traffic.

I had my first experience riding as a passenger today. I had lunch downtown with several other English teachers. I took the bus, so of course got off at the wrong place, since I don’t know my way around town, and am unable to ask for directions since I am deaf, mute and illiterate here. Fortunately, I have a cell phone, so my new buddy zipped over and picked me up. I hopped on behind her and we quickly flew across town through streets and alleyways.

We were a bit off the main street, so after lunch, one of the Chinese ladies offered to give me a ride to the bus stop. This ride was more interesting. We not only rode on the street with all the other vehicles, but also the wrong way into oncoming traffic and up on the sidewalk. Watch out pedestrians – vehicles always have the right-of-way here. Driving habits are somewhat unusual here. They obey stoplights, but drive wherever there happens to be space (in the right direction, wrong direction, on the sidewalk), but they drive fairly slowly and there seems to be few traffic incidents. ​