Accent Modification For Medical Professionals


Good communication is important in the workplace. Your employees have excellent technical skills, but may have trouble communicating in English with their team, supervisors, clients. No matter what industry you work in, Nicole and her team can help make sure your good employees are able to reach their full potential by speaking clear, confident English.

Course features:

•  15 online coaching sessions $3150
•  Comprehensive pre-testing & written report of spoken English issues
• A planning meeting with you and employer (if applicable) to determine your needs
• Creation of a custom-designed course that addresses your specific needs
•  8-15 60 minute online sessions with English Coach Nicole (via Zoom or Skype). Number of sessions varies based on individual needs
• Custom-created practice assignments, creation of audio/video recordings for practice of personal words & sentences
• Feedback on practice recordings between coaching sessions
• Practice materials designed for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.
• Follow up testing to measure your progress & determine areas for continued practice with written report