Testimonials from Happy Clients

Kun L.
Architect from Malaysia

Marie N.
E-commerce Sales Manager from Japan

Michal C.
Data Scientist from Poland

Michal C.
Data Scientist from Poland

Daniel S. from Nepal, Chief Technology Officer

Around three months ago, I enrolled in Nicole’s VIP Plan. Changing speaking patterns is a difficult thing. So I did not start with high expectations. But, halfway into the program, People began noticing positive changes in my accent, pauses, and rhythm. In my time with her, I progressed and changed plenty of my speaking habits. This was possible because Nicole really understands you and tailors a style that works best for you. And when she does this, she really goes out of her way. My advice for new learners is to give your best. She will too. And you can progress a lot. All in all, the program was great. There is literally nothing she could have done better. I am glad I did the program and will be recommending many friends to enroll in her program too.

Yayun J. | Data Scientist at Microsoft from China

“Nicole is my English coach for the English Vocabulary & Expression class sessions. As someone who has been living in the US for around 6 years, my English is good overall. However, I am struggling with how to improve my English to the next level, and sometimes I feel frustrated and isolated especially when I am learning English by myself. Nicole’s class came at just the right time! She introduced me to lots of useful resources that I didn’t know before. Also, she made the class very interactive. The class I attended was about vocabulary, but she corrected my pronunciations which I found was the most useful part of my experience. Joining her class in person (in a virtual way due to Covid) saved me lots of time and energy to find the right resources as there are so many resources online that could be confusing and overwhelming. I also strongly recommend her channel on YouTube where any English learners could find it useful. Overall, my learning experience with the help of Nicole is very positive and I strongly recommend her to any English learners, especially for those on the high intermediate to advanced English level.”

Daniel Q. | Sr. Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft from China

“Due to my new responsibilities at work, public speaking has played an important role and I truly believe how we speak makes a huge difference. I decided to take Nicole’s one on one sessions to fine-tune my spoken English. I found Nicole’s coaching helpful in reaching my goals of speaking as an authentic leader. Nicole is a polyglot, which allowed her to provide a unique ability in identifying my strengths and weaknesses in our first session. I have learned from Nicole the techniques of strategic overall rhythm, tactic pausing and identifying focal words. Nicole also recorded key work for my follow up practice, and I appreciate the extra effort she put in after each session. With Nicole’s coaching, I have gained skills and confidence in public speaking as a leader. I highly recommend working with Nicole. She has in-depth expertise, unique teaching methods and outstanding professionalism!”

Vito M. | Applied Scientist at Amazon from Italy

“Before I started accent training with Nicole, it didn’t feel natural for me to speak in English. I wanted to get more spontaneous and fluent, and give more expressiveness and intonation to sentences. As a result of our coaching sessions, I’ve become aware of aspects of speaking that I didn’t know even to exist, such as word stress and sentence stress, linkings and various sounds which weren’t taught during my study but are extremely useful to know. I got familiar with multiple techniques and resources I can now use if I want to keep improving. I take much more pleasure now in speaking English, and I even feel more integrated in the American culture. Three things I like most about the training were the audio practice files, the professionalism of the coach and the flexible schedule. I recommend Nicole’s coaching, because it makes you discover things you didn’t know to exist, and because speaking is so important, therefore feeling confident and taking pleasure when speaking can make a lot of difference”

Paola S. | From Colombia

I had a great experience taking “Elevate your English Vocab & Expression” It’s very easy to understand and practical. In every week I have learned more and more and it helps me improve my speaking a lot. Thank you so much Nicole I enjoyed all your curses . “ VIP Masterclass pronunciation “ was really useful to focus on all the different sounds between consonant and vowels. There’s a lot of great material and videos to work on this.

Adriana D. | V.P. Pharmaceutical Co. from Brazil

“Nicole is resourceful and very competent English language coach. She will keep you engaged, hold you accountable for your practice and give you focus areas to work on. She uses a variety of valuable tools and resources. I highly recommend her.”

Vera F. | Registered Nurse from Kazakhstan

“Before I took my classes with Nicole, I was unable to pronounce certain words because of my accent. This affected my progress at work. After 12 classes and a lot of practice, I was much more confident with my speech and pronunciation. Nicole was very professional and knew exactly how to help me improve. She was very flexible when it came to scheduling our online classes. I would definitely recommend Nicole. She is a great person and an even better teacher.”

Pilar C. | Mechanical Engineer from Cuba

“I have lived in the USA for about 20 years and couldn’t recognize the pronunciation mistakes I made on my conversations. All I knew was that conference calls at work were moments of suffering and anxiety for me. Nicole helped me to understand and correct my mispronunciation. She is an amazing and dedicated teacher with an incredible amount of patience. After the completion of our classes, I received a promotion at work and I attribute it in part to the improvements I made on my speech. Thanks to Nicole, I’m not uneasy any more about conference calls 🙂 I highly recommend her!”

Kun Lim | Architect from Malaysia

“The classes modules are very well structured, and in a very effective manner that will help students progress in a short period of time, of course, provided that students are willing to put in the efforts and time required to be successful in the course. Also, Nicole Kaup has a good grasp of students strength and weaknesses after the first lesson, and are able to highlight to students key areas to focus on.”

Huy L. | Electrical Engineer from Vietnam

“Many thanks to you, Nicole, for your coach in last 6 months. My pronouncing is much cleaner and more understandable. The result has been reflecting on my daily communication at work. My coworkers can understand my expression easier. For this accent reduction program, I really like the way your plan the training program which bases on the carefully analyzing my weaknesses. Since my limitations were known, you focused on improving them directly. As example, you found what sounds were difficult for me and constantly looked for many different ways till I can successfully pronoun these sounds. I have been very happy to have your help and highly recommend this class to anyone who looks for accent reduction class.”

Kentaro A. | University of Washington Global business student from Japan

“I decided to take the accent reduction mastercourse because I wanted to improve my English skill, especially speaking. I think that pronunciation is very important to talk to. As a result of the course, I could know a lot of rules about pronunciation. Actually, my English is still beginner, but I could pronounce some words correctly. In class, I enjoyed talking other people and asking questions. It’s really good lesson. If you take this course, your English pronunciation improve.”

Marie N. | Businesswoman from Japan

“This class is the best class to learn an American accent. I really appreciated NW SOAR. I took the class before and my pronunciation became good. I can pronounce some sentences as like an American. Nicole is the best teacher ever!”

Julie J. | Dentist from South Korea

“The reason I looked for accent reduction training was I wanted to improve on my English and people understand my accent better. Our trainings were really helpful. When I started the training, I thought I just needed accent lesson, but during the process, I realized I needed the help for grammar, writing, vocabulary etc. I felt my lesson was comprehensive English not just limited accent lesson. I liked you to record my accent and listened together. I didn’t like to hear my voice and accent, but it was great reality check. I also liked the motivation and encouragement from you. Your honesty was really helpful too. The favorite part was having good conversation with you. I recommend Nicole because she can detect our problem and really familiar with the problem of Asian accent. She prepares the lesson well and customize our needs. She will set the goal for you, so it is easy to follow. If you are not sure, I want you to take a test and go over with her. It would be the eye opening.”

Iryna P. | QA Engineer from Ukraine

“I experienced problems with native speakers always asking me to repeat what I’ve said before I started to attend Nicole’s course. I’ve learned British English at school, so I’m used to their pronunciation more. Sometimes, I was feeling really bad about my pronunciation, so that’s why I decided to attend Nicole’s pronunciation course. Also, it was also very difficult to understand native speakers when they talk very quickly. I think my pronunciation has improved. People ask me to repeat less often. Also, I’ve learned a little more about small talks. And when I watch movies (still with subtitles sometimes) I can hear and recognize very clear some patterns from Nicole’s lectures. And I also try to use them myself. I liked that during the week we had some homework to practice every day, which might take no longer than 20-30 minutes a day. And the tasks were not difficult at all – sing a song (you can choose your favorite), watch a short video and listen-and-repeat practice. Also, I liked that Nicole specified my particular problems in my speech on which I need to work on. The atmosphere in the class was very friendly, it’s a good place to practice your English and don’t worry about the mistakes you can make. I’d definitely recommend it! Nicole is a great teacher and it was always a pleasure to attend her class. Also, as for me, it disciplined me a lot that I knew that I need to do this, this and this today. I’m sure I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t attend the course. Thank you for all your effort during the course! It was a pleasure to attend!”

Barbara S. | Project Manager from Mexico

“Before I started working with Nicole, it was difficult to feel confident when speaking in English because there were some words that I didn’t really know how to pronounce. Besides this, I never realized the difference when pronouncing “sit” or “seat”, for example, so, many times people looked at me like trying to understand my sentences. As a result of our coaching sessions, I understand in an easier way some rules words have in English or that there are many silent letters that I always used to pronounce like the “l” in “half”. I got a lot of tips on how to do it better. The course was really fun because we could talk about free topics instead of just reading a grammar or spelling book. Of course, we had a little of that but we had a good balance. Homeworks were easy and focused on each specific problem. Nicole is so supportive talking about time, schedule and having me and my husband at the same time dealing with different problems. I highly recommend Nicole. We got the chance to know a little bit more about her and she has traveled to several places and this is something very important trying to teach pronunciation/spelling as she can understand why we do things wrong. Also, she is very patient and she always tries to explain in different ways how to make the sound.”